Preliminary Impressions

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Having compared the FX5700 Ultra to a host of other cards, we can see that the FX5700 Ultra is a competent product. It has significant gains over the previous generation FX5600 product line and even posts some specific results that rival the FX5900 Ultra (like in SpecPerf). Shader performance seems to be improved drastically as seen in 3DMark 03 which is very good news since shaders have been a sore spot in the past. The high core and memory clocks are astounding! The 0.13u process is finally giving yields we expect and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some cards being released with over 500MHz core/mem. I think NVIDIA can finally say that they have a worthy competitor to ATI’s Radeon 9700/9800 series cards.

NVIDIA GeForceFX 5700 Ultra Preview - Graphics Cards 9

However with all that said, I can’t help but feel that the FX5700 Ultra is 10 months late. ATI has had their Radeon 9700 on the market since the fall last year and has released a large number of revisions since then (the Radeon 9800, Radeon 9600 Pro, and XT and SE models). It has taken NVIDIA 10 months (since the release of the ill-fated FX5800) to release a product that offers the same value customers have been getting from ATI since October 2002 and it required DDR-II, improved shaders, and higher core/memory clocks!

Putting my cynicism aside, the FX5700 Ultra is an improvement in NVIDIA’s product line. Weighing in at under $200 USD, the price and performance ratio is more competitive and ultimately gives consumers more choice in the marketplace. The initial numbers we are seeing here in today’s article gives us a promising preview of what we can expect from this card. I am happy to say that I am excited about this card, and so should you! NVIDIA has finally given us something worth investigating and maybe even feel passionate about.

In the meantime, take the results here for what they’re worth and expect a full-fledged review of the FX5700 Ultra here at in the forth-coming days.

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