MSI K8T Neo K8T800 Motherboard Review

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The MSI K8T Neo motherboard was actually one of the very first Athlon 64 products we got in our labs here at We have been working with MSI on a couple of different bios issues (very minor) in an attempt to get some additional features installed in them before this review was published. Sorry for that delay!

MSI has become one of the major motherboard manufacturers in the past two years with both OEMs and with end-user enthusiasts. Their products have become well known for their features and their stability – something that the enthusiast crowd is becoming more and more obsessed with. Where once the best overclocking options determined the best motherboard, now the ability to really “plug and play” is what the majority of our readers and our forum members are looking for.

Fortunately for MSI, they have been on the better side of this pack in recent memory – now we’ll see if their Athlon 64 line of products will be able to do the same.

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