Ten ATX Power Supplies Compared

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Update 12-30-03: The following sections have been updated:
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  • Testing – Efficiency… (corrected errors)
  • Conclusions – Summary Table (updated efficiency values)

Ryan and I have been collecting ATX power supplies for the past several months. is now ready to bring you our first head-to-head comparison of ten PC power supplies in the 400 to 500+ watt range.  We have included many of today’s popular units along with a few you may not have seen before.  Six of the power supplies were donated by the manufacturers noted above while the remainder came from my personal stock.  Here is a group photo and a list of the power supplies we will be comparing.

Ten ATX Power Supplies Compared - Cases and Cooling 107

  • Aerocool AeroPower II 420 watt
  • Antec TruePower 480 watt
  • Antec TrueControl 550 watt
  • Enermax Whisper 431 watt
  • PC Power & Cooling Silencer 400 watt
  • PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 watt
  • Raidtronics Raidmax 400 watt
  • Vantec Stealth 470 watt
  • Vantec Ion 400 watt
  • Zalman Noiseless 400 watt
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