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Logitech Cordless Elite Duo w/ MX700

While the components of your system will ultimately determine how fast your computer goes, it’s the peripherals that determine how much fun and how useful you can actually make it. Here I’ll touch on a few of the more interesting and useful peripherals that myself and the rest of the staff at AMDMB are using.

Canon Powershot S400 4.0 MP Camera

This is another toy that I recently picked up for myself. This 4.0 mega pixel camera takes some high quality shots and also supports short 640×480 videos with sound. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, something that I required for all my travels for conventions, yet is still powerful enough to compete with the big boys. Highly recommended.

256MB SanDisk USB Flash Drive

If you haven’t used one of these little toys, again I think you are missing out on one of the great new conveniences of the PC world. USB flash drives are 4-6” long with a USB connection one end that plug into a USB port on your PC to become a removable hard disk. They require no drivers on any Windows 98 and above machine, making them perfect for when you need a mobile storage solution. I use mine to transfer files from my PC to my laptop or take files to school to share in class.

iRock Wireless FM Transmitter

The iRock FM transmitter is a great gadget for listening to your MD/CD/MP3 through the radio. This is especially handy for cars without the proper devices, and you can use it in your home or anywhere with a radio. There are 4 preset broadcast channels and 300W transmission which means that it is unlikely to get interference from other broadcasts (Jon’s used it in Toronto without any problems).

Targus All-in-One Memory card reader/writer

The Targus All-in-One memory card reader/writer is a great tool for those of you wishing to transport files easily. The USB interface means it’s supported natively on Windows (2000, ME, XP) and Mac OS without special installation. With memory cards being as cheap as they are, it’s often cheaper to buy this reader/writer and have more expandable options than being restricted to a traditional USB “thumb-drive”.


That ends this year’s AMDMB Holiday Buying Guide. . I hope you found some of the information we provided useful to you. If you have any suggestions for future buying guides, please feel free to email them to me.

Thanks again for reading, and I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!!

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