Here’s a little perspective from The Tech Report on AMD’s TPI initiative in its current state, or lack there of as it were. I think there is a lot of sentiment, even in the AMD enthusiast community, that TPI has not done its job nor has the numbering/rating/ranking system of current AMD products be totally accepted by ‘Joe Consumer’. The enthusiasts of AMD are here and are here to stay, that doesnt mean all of us agree that AMD’s current marketing plan is the right choice for them or the market.
In other words, we think the veneer on AMD’s “bridge metric” is wearing a little thin—even if we do still appreciate the need for some consumer guidance in the matter of comparative performance. Unfortunately, without the new, industry-standard performance metric AMD promised to produce via TPI, Joe Consumer may simply have to take AMD at its word about model numbers and relative performance. And taking AMD at its word, we have learned, may not always be the wisest thing to do. asdfadfasdfasdfasdf