Overall the Aerocool DP-102 heat pipe cooler did a very good job of cooling the XP-2400+ processor. I was a little disappointed though that it did not offer a significant performance increase over the original Deep Impact. In fact Aerocool has taken a step backward for AMD users with the redesigned 3-lug mounting clip – I found it very difficult to use. Intel P4 users need not worry.

The universal design allows the DP-102 to be installed on either AMD Socket A or Intel P4 Socket 478 processors by simply swapping base plates. The unique design and flashy copper look certainly sets it apart from other generic heatsinks.

Because the DP-102 is slightly smaller (15.5% less fin surface area) than the original DP-101, performance suffers slightly. However the DP-102 allows mounting not one, but two 60 mm or 70 mm fans for increased airflow and cooling efficiency. And the new base design allows rotating the cooler on top of the base plate so the fans can be easily oriented into whatever position is desired.

In my opinion, trying to use two 80 mm fans with the DP-102 is not a viable option. The resulting combination is huge, which is bound to cause numerous interference problems with many motherboards (it certainly did with my EP-8RDA+). In addition, because a significant portion of the 80 mm fan’s open area is blocked by the fan mounting brackets/adapters, they just cannot perform optimally. For these reasons I can’t recommend using two 80 mm fans on the DP-102. Instead, go with a nice quiet pair of 60 mm or 70 mm fans.

The Aerocool Deep Impact DP-102 is in stock and available now with a street price of $54.99 US. Our thanks to Aerocool for sending us the new Deep Impact to review. Check one out at your favorite Aerocool reseller (such as

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