Here’s a review from putting AMD’s finest up against Intel’s finest. Being on top, which ever you choose to go with, there is little difference in performance. The numbers are so close in so many instances most would call it in effect, a draw. That is until you start to look at what it’s going to cost you to have the best of the best. Right now, AMD is the market leader in pricepoints, and they once again prove it with about a $200 saving over Intel’s finest.

As the wheel of time takes another turn we find ourselves once again attending the arena of the AMD VS Intel showdown, the players this time around, the AMD Athlon-64 FX-53 and the Intel P4 3.4GHz XE. Not much technological advancement is to be found in either one of these chips in comparison from our last round up and with both CPU’s what we get this round is a small speed bump. The AMD FX-53 shows an increase from 2.2GHZ to 2.4GHz and the P4 XE jumps from 3.2 to 3.4GHz a small step for both companies. Usually we get a more dynamic change, but any change in the direction of a faster CPU is music to the enthusiast’s ear.

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