Like most people who consider themselves PC enthusiasts, I think I know a fair lot of what cases should be and how they can improve their designs. Thats probably one reason I have done case reviews here previously at AMDMB. Not only did I have a fair bit of knowledge walking in the door, I also learned a lot. One thing I know is taller is not always better. One of my favorite reviews that I have had the pleasure to do was the Chenbro Junior server case. This was nothing but a hefty mid-tower with some cooling basics of good design, that I enjoyed then, and hoped, I would see again in the future.

This case review by Icrontic on Antec’s Super Lanboy takes what I considered the best aspects of that Chenbro case I reviewed over two years ago, a wider stance along with front and back 120mm fan capability. The two things I think just about every tower should have, width and airflow through and through. That Chenbro case still powers my home server and even with XP on it for a server, I have had over 6 month uptimes between reboots. Cant get a better platform than that.

I think it would be fun to get my hands on this little beauty and see how it compares to my old server case. This is a case to watch and see where the reviews on the web put this case, cause I think it may very well be near the top in regards of performance capability.

Quote: “Now and days what are we all looking for in a case? Size? Space? Simplicity? Gadgets? Or is it a combination of things? With LAN’s on the rise a lot of gamers are taking the old ‘pc’ on the road, But who wants to lug around a heavy, large, and complicated case? The answer is nobody! That is what Antec thought too. Today I have the privilege or reviewing the New Antec Super Lanboy.”

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