OCFAQ has an A64 3000+ review that does the benchmark comparisons with the XP3200, and an FX.  Take a look if your looking to upgrade, but wanting to buy wisely.
” So is the 3000+ the budget chip to get? The question really depends
on what is currently in your system. As well as the 3000+ performs, and
as overclockable it can be, it is hampered by less-than-stellar
motherboards, and Socket 939 looms like a dark cloud over its future.
Within a month the dual channel unbuffered RAM supporting Socket 939
motherboards will start to surface. Round two chipsets are almost
guaranteed to be better than the first generation. This doesn’t mean
that upgrading to a socket 754 CPU is a bad idea though. Support for all
modern technologies, as well as upcoming 64-bit applications means that
you can design a system around S754 and be able to keep it for a while. “