Looking for the best desktop processor money can buy? Well look no further as you have two choices. That’s right, the top of the line for both processors are so close there is no straight up winner in processing power, at least not yet. But this time Intel has the lead in pricing, coming in about $200 cheaper as of this writing. Although, I dont expect that large difference to last long, nor the current processing power of these bohemoths to remain stagnant. Its that time, for both to ramp up as both are about on equal footing and there is no cut and dry winner. That means increases in speed and lower prices. All good for you and me.
The Pentium 4 EE and Athlon 64 FX are both premium, top of the line CPUs and, as such, they are two CPUs which you will most likely not consider when your next CPU upgrade is due. Our recent poll shows that only 0.7% of our readers own an Athlon 64 FX and 0.2% a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why it is still interesting to compare both them. First of all, this is the top of the line for both companies. Secondly, they could be a very interesting alternative for building a workstation or low end server.

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