Click Here to go to Cases & Cooling  As you can probably understand, after almost two years of doing Bits & Pieces™, it takes a lot to suprise me, or even catch my eye. However, a new Case Manufacturer, NZXT, revealing their first case, the Guardian, managed to both catch my eye AND pleasantly suprise me! Here’s a quote from, and three different reviews for you to feast your eyes on. 🙂

Whether it be an architectural structure, vehicle, painting, or computer case; there are two primary factors the designer needs to keep in mind: form and function. A beautiful looking computer case with no functionality could only be thought of as little more than a night stand. The same rules apply to stock cases stacked with add-on accessories which only conceal poor case design. In order for computer case manufactures to produce a successful case aimed at gamers they need to blend form and functionality balanced with plenty of flashy lights. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be reviewing The Guardian, the first computer case from NZXT, a new case manufacturer creating cases targeted directly at the gaming industry.

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