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You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned much about the price point of the eMachines M6805 notebook yet, mainly because you might have left the review thinking this wasn’t the class of notebook a PC enthusiast should own at such a price level.  The MSRP of the M6805 is $1649 before any kind of rebates from retailers or the manufacturer.  Some retailers are running $100 or $200 rebates right now, bringing that price to $1449 — and it is quite a steal at that.  Our review sample was purchased the first weekend it was available with a total $350 in rebates, which brings that price to just $1299!  For $1300, I can’t imagine a notebook of similar value with the performance that you are going to get out of this Athlon 64 3000+ powered machine.  eMachines has been known for their low cost desktops, and now their notebook line has a star as well.

It will be interesting to see how the recent acquisition of eMachines by Gateway will affect the pricing and specifications of this and future models.  I’d like to think that Gateway play this the smart way, but continuing to use the eMachines name and use the buy out as a way to enter the AMD market that they had previously been avoiding.  But, if any company can top the performance and price of this notebook, no matter who manufacturers it, I haven’t seen it yet. 


I think from the various outlines of the specifications and features of the M6805 notebook from eMachines as well as the pricing have shown you what we think of this product.  This is simply the best deal on a notebook that I have seen in recent months.  If you can get one of these at any of the prices I have mentioned, you will not be disappointed with it — end of story.

Other notebook vendors are surely taking note of eMachines’ entrance into the high performance mobile market — surely Gatway did.  I would expect the Dell and Toshiba models to quickly pick up the pace and offer similar solutions.  Perhaps not with the exact specifications (Dell moving to AMD would be interesting to see…) but with similar performance levels and similar price points.  Hopefully this is a good trend that the market will follow as the mobile sector has been growing consistently faster than the desktop sector in the last couple of years.  eMachines may not have long to capitalize on their M6800 series, but I suspect they’ll have something ready for the next round.

If PC Perspective had established a system of Editor’s Choice or “Best of…” awards, the eMachines M6805 would have definitely received one.  Unfortunately, this is not the case, and thus you’ll have to be left with the “thumbs up” of this author…

eMachines M6805 = Thumbs Up!

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