Welcome to the Inside Perspective! I need a Flash Memory card for my brain. You know, some place to store an idea or thought you have that you don’t want to forget, but aren’t in a position to nab a pad and paper and jot it down. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and buy a dictaphone to carry with me everywhere. My luck I’d have an idea and the batteries would be dead…

What is it about good ideas that they only pop up when it’s next to impossible to get them set down in writing? Probably the worst is when I’m in the shower. That hot water really seems to stimulate my thinking. Of course, by the time I get out, dried, and dressed, I can’t remember a thing. Or, I’ll have wonderful thoughts while I’m on the road. Now those, I can sometimes take care of by pulling out pen and paper if I’m stuck in the stopped portion of “Stop and Go traffic”. But luck is rarely on my side in this. Normally, my best ideas pop into my head when taking my eyes off the road for even a second could be deadly — the ideas float away, but at least I make it to work in one piece.

And this memory thing is really starting to scare me a bit. It’s like my brain is getting kinda full from all the relentless data input over the past 30 Something years, and now things kinda fall through the cracks or get misfiled. I used to have an excellent memory, so I’ve been told… you guessed, I don’t remember. 😉

Ron’s the one who is going to suffer if my Memory goes. He hasn’t had a good memory in years and part of our “deal” is that I’m responsible for remembering stuff. So, if I start droppin’ the ball on him, he’s gonna be sunk! So far, he just kinda gloats when I forget stuff, but eventually the humor in my plight will fade and he’ll realize just how bad it’s going to be when I get to be just like him. LOL

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