One thing in the Video Card world that always makes me laugh is they are just like processors. The 2 big boys trade blows back and forth for performance and pricing. But with this new 5900XT, Im not sure where Nvidia planned to put it in the market. With this review from [H]ard|OCP, it’s hard to imagine where they wanted to put it. ATi’s 9600XT pricepoint and quality certainly gives it a nod from me when reading this review.
Quote: “So then what makes it different? To reduce costs the PCB has been re-designed to be a single slot solution like the 5700Ultra, but is more compact, and shorter than a 5900 or even a 5700Ultra PCB. Also to reduce costs further they use slower, less expensive RAM since the memory frequency has been decreased. The memory operates at 350MHz for an effective 700MHz DDR frequency. With the 256bit memory bus this gives it 22.4GB/sec memory bandwidth. For comparison a 5900Ultra runs at a total of 850MHz memory frequency. The core speed was originally set at 400MHz which is the same as the 5900 but NVIDIA has recently changed it to 390MHz. Having only a 10MHz core difference between the 5900XT and 5900 seems a bit odd if you ask us. Nevertheless it is what it is.”

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