For lovers of gizmos, Overclockers Cafe has a review of an interesting SFF system.  No more going into bios to overclock, just twist the dial on the front of the case.
The last rock solid overclock was at 2.95GHz which is nothing to laugh at.
I posted the 3.2GHz screen shot just because faster is cooler to look at.
Even though it wouldn’t stand up to the benchmarks, I actually ran the
system at 3.2 for about three hours surfing the net, so not too shabby I’d
have to say. One more thing about the EZ-Clock. If you push the overclock
too far and it becomes unstable, the system shuts down and restarts with the
CPU back at it’s native clock speed. That by itself is very nice but keep in
mind you better know the limit of what you can overclock to lest you reboot
in the middle of something important.