While the Socket 939, 754 Debate rages on, you just want a new fast system.  If you want the best bang for the buck right now, This PCStats article is an example of what is available.  With top gaming power, features and stability being the norm, as well as reasonable prices, not much reason not to go Socket 754.    The incoming sockets likely still won’t give the buyer on a budget anything more than you can get today, and you can bet they will be pricey.


Quote: “So what exactly makes Abit motherboards special? It is dark magic, solid engineering, or a little bit of “The Force” at allows overclockers to reach such lofty heights? No, the secret is in more practical features, like a wider variety of voltage options, the onboard diagnostics, Abit’s µGuru technology, and good solid motherboard layouts. Other items to get excited about on the ABit KV8-MAX3 include an additional Silicon Image Serial ATA RAID controller which has four headers, IEEE 1394a, 3Com Gigabit LAN, 5.1 audio, a Port 80 diagnostics card, Abit’s µGuru technology, Secure IDE and of course the unique OTES MOSFET cooling system.”

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