It’s nice to see case manufacturers take to heart some of the requests seen on older case reviews, like, why cant you have 120mm fans instead of 80m fans. More and more cases are being designed around these larger fans. That means good news for everyone. Those who like quiet can enjoy the relative quiet of most stock fans to come in these systems and the overclockers can purchase their windtunnel fans to replace the stock ones without having to do any modifications. The best of both worlds. This review from MTB on Ahanix’s Black Knight shows that more and more case manufacturers are moving to designs with 120mm fans.  Let’s see what thye thought of its cooling design.
Quote: “The Black Knight Mid-Tower Case supports all full ATX based motherboard formats and does not include a power supply as a stock option. One of the highlights of the initial packaging is the excellent kit for the accessories and mounting screws. The kit includes three sets of mounting screws, speaker module, motherboard standoffs, zip ties, Phillips screw driver and a 2 page installation reference sheet.”

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