Here is X-Bits first look at an actual retail product based upon the Via KT880, the Asus A7V880.  This board has a lot for your 32 bit XP CPU:  native SATA, 8 USB ports, native Gigabit, dual channel memory controller, overclocks nicely.  If you were waiting for Via to finally put out the Nforce2 killer, they didn’t quite do it, but it’s close. 
Quote: “VIA KT880 chipset with the dual-channel memory proves the fact that Athlon XP shouldn’t be pushed into oblivion yet. If AMD Athlon 64 is the latest and greatest AMD offspring, then Athlon XP with the contemporary chipsets also can offer quite an attractive bunch of features and opportunities. With the launching of KT880 VIA hopes to finally outpace NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 due to the implementation of two memory channels and a bunch of additional functions. Let’s see if this is the case!”

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