The results are in on the Nforce3 250 GB and it is looking pretty good.  The working PCI locks, Integrated LAN and SATA, they are all making it from the reference boards to the retail shelves.  Here is the X-Bit Labs review of the Chaintech.
Quote: “So, we have checked out the new chipset from NVIDIA for the Socket 754 platform in practice. Although nForce3 250 seems to be very similar to the previous product, nForce3 150, at least in the name, it actually inherited very little from the predecessor. The shortcomings of the nForce3 150 vanished completely, moreover, nForce3 250 with all its improvements is now the most feature-rich Athlon 64 chipset. Like competitor products, it supports eight USB 2.0 and SerialATA ports, but unlike them, it has an integrated RAID controller with an enhanced functionality and a 1GHz HyperTransport bus. The advanced version of this chipset, the nForce3 250Gb, also has Gigabit Ethernet and a hardware firewall.”

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