After attending the NVIDIA NV40 launch event yesterday in San Francisco, many of the press and gamers in attendence were amazed by the first showing of the FarCry modifcation that will enable Pixel Shader 3.0 support.   We are actively trying to get a hold of either a video demonstration or screenshots to show you all, but we don’t have them yet.

The demo that was shown was remarkable, showing us several scenes including a stair case with a rock wall that showed dramatic differences the realism of the textures when PS 3.0 was enabled.  What is even more remarkable was that Crytek, the developers of the engine of FarCry, told the audience that it took only three weeks to implement these changes.  With such an increase in graphic effects and image quality, that kind of turn around gives gamers and developers hope for the quick implementation of Pixel Shader 3.0.  

If/when we get those screen shots, you can be sure we’ll post them up ASAP!  Check back!