We’ve been seeing the Mobile Barton XP’s and their high overclocking potential for some months now.  But maybe you have an MPX sitting around that could use a serious refresh without a big investment.  In our Forums, Caprid shows the details of setting up these wonderfully flexible CPUs to make a powerful workstation running 2 x 2600 Mhz.  
Quote: “With the new ‘CG’ stepping of the FX53 and the newer A64s, 2.5 -2.6Ghz on air isn’t uncommon, the same holds true for the Mobile Athlon XP. But will they run in SMP on the Dually? A pair of 2.5Ghz chips would be a nice boost to the aging and dieing MPX platform. It’s been done by a few already, but the Mobile Athlons are a little different than the desktop Athlon XPs, so we’re going to see how to get them up to speed.”