Welcome to the Inside Perspective! As you might have noticed, Ron and I were on vacation last week. We were in New Jersey celebrating Passover with his family.

Ron never ceases to amaze me. It takes all of my wily cunning to get him to eat vegetables, but he’ll eat Chopped Liver like it’s going out of style. Go figure.

This was my first celebration of Passover, and I have to brag just a bit and say that I tasted a dab of everything set on the table for the two Saders (first two nights/evening meals of Passover). Some of the food was very “normal”, like roast and vegetables. But some of it was an “adventure” to try, like Chopped Liver, Gafilte Fish, and Matzo Balls — those are most certainly “acquired tastes”. Some of the unique foods were not too bad — Matzo is like a huge unsalted cracker… add a dab of margarine and it’s quite good.

All in all, the food wasn’t nearly as unappetizing as I’d anticipated. You’d be amazed at how many things can be made without leavened flour. My brother-in-law made a “Southern Passover Chocolate Cake” with pecans as the main ingredient. I was leery because I’m not a big pecan fan, but in reality it was delicious! The pecans, finely ground, took the place of flour in the cake and “magically” lost all their nutty taste — had I not been told it was made with pecans, I would not have known. And I am happy to report that they actually make Kosher for Passover Ice Cream!! Never a fear of starving for Passover week with THAT available! 😀

Link of the Day: For those of us on a budget, CheapCooking.com

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