Well, it’s Friday, and if you are like many of our pond’s members, your thoughts are turning to liquid refreshments.  Well, here’s a liquid you can’t drink, but the possibilities it allows may keep you thinking for a while.  It’s called ANSUL® SAPPHIRE™ and is available from Tyco Fire & Security, a small pdf is available that mentions it’s composition.  This liquid is based off of 3M’s Novec 1230, a liquid designed for fire surpression, that they feel will replace halon.  Why am I going on about it, you ask?  Well, on Good Morning America, they took a booted-up laptop, dunked it into the liquid, and when they pulled it out, it was still running.  Now, it will be a while before we start seeing liquid filled cases, mostly because of how harddisks and CD Drives work, but knowing that you are totally safe if your watercooling springs a leak while you’re not around is worth a lot, no?

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