Hardocp has a Prescott review that you may want to check out, looks like it might be a runner after all.  Surprisingly enough, in spite of the heat worries, the 2.4A turns out to be a good overclocker.  However, if you go shopping, better be sure of what you are buying. 
Quote: “…What you see above is a 900MHz stock overclock…So all in all, our stock OC numbers should represent what just about any enthusiast should be able to accomplish with the right motherboard and the right temperature conditions. Of course be aware that our results do not guarantee that you will be able to reproduce them yourself. But do know this. We talk to many others in our community that have shared similar results and we would not be publishing this information if we felt it was misleading to our readers. With that said, here is our accomplishment under stock conditions… ”

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