I have been looking into getting a USB thumb drive recently so I can carry some data around with me. But of course, it can’t be too small with MS Service Packs the size that they are. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to move around A LOT of data. An external, portable hard disk drive is such a way. This review from Legion Hardware fits that bill. Fast, clean, and easy to setup and plug in is what Im always looking for. Check it out.
Quote: “While I am very pleased with the performance of this external drive, there are many other important aspects of this solution that should certainly not be ignored. For example its ease of use, durable, effective design, quiet operating volume and of course the fact that Seagate built this solution from the ground up. Rather than sourcing an enclosure to house a Seagate hard drive, they have built their own unit. This could explain why Seagate have taken so long to bring a solution to this market segment.”

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