The ThermalRight SP-97 … it’s big, it’s bad, and it’s the number one heatsink going for the moment.  This thing is huge, it weighs 585g naked, so it utilizes the 4 mounting holes on your motherboard, as opposed to a clip.  It will fit a 80mm or 92mm fan, and may well terrify pets and small children running at full power.  The heatpipes on it contribute to the overall visual effect of the sink, as well as helping with cooling.  Expect it to arrive in style, ThermalTake always packages it’s products for safety.  I also included some multi fan controllers, in case you would like to be cool & quiet!
“The SP-97 is without a doubt the greatest SocketA aircooling solution available today. It’s like tantric overclocking sex. I love it. My dog hates it (noise). Overclockers everywhere love it. If pandas were offered SP-97s in exchange for having sex with each other, they would be in the bushes before you could say “omgwtfpandasex”. Thus…..This Product is Awesome.”

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