The Register has a few hints on how to keep your system cooling from drowning out your speakers.  2 round ups from Madshrimps, and 3 reviews of a Coolermaster heatsink.  Silent PCReview takes a look at ducting, and among other things, shows how lower rotation speeds limit suction, regardless of the CFM rating.
“If you’re tired of the racket your PC is making, you have two choices before you. You can either go for a lower performance PC that will probably not provide all the latest features – or go for no compromise PC with all the latest and most powerful processor, graphics card and so on. Of course, the high performance PC will need a number of modifications to control the noise.”

Here are some more Cases & Cooling reviews from around the web:

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and a few sites looked at the CoolerMaster Hyper 6 Heatpipe