Closing Message

Having now witnessed the level of performance these cards provide in the first portion of the review, we will next focus our attention upon competitive image quality analysis. We’ll provide the tools neceessary to determine if any corners have been cut to reach this profound speed or if these vendors have stumbled across the perfect ratio of performance and image quality. Furthermore, we will also be examining how the cards overclock to determine how much extra speed has been left on reserve in these cores? Do we have another Radeon 9500 Pro or GeForce Ti4200? That question will be answered later in the week with the second and final portion of this review.

Editor’s note:  We apologize for not having the image quality and overclocking tests online for the release of this article.  With two boards landding in our lap at the last minute, we simply ran out of time. It was our judgement that a direct comparison between the latest competing technology would more than make up for any inconveniences.  We will have a supplemental article online later in the week to address both of these issues and a bit more to make it worth your while. 

Be sure to check out our video card forum for more discussion and links to more previews of the new ATI and NVIDIA technology.

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