With the NDA lifted, a flurry of information about ATi’s next gen card has been unleashed upon the web. I’ll let the reviews speak for themselves, but it is certain that neither side dropped the ball this time around. The back-and-forth battle that has become so familier continues!
“Under the Pixel Shader 2.0 test from 3DMark03 We are seeing much great performance differences between the boards than in previous test The X800 XT PE is up to 65% higher performance than the X800 PRO and very close to being 3 times the performance of the 9800 XT! Given the 9800 XT used not to be considered a slouch in this test, comparatively, these gains are fairly impressive. The X800 PRO even shows as much as an 82% improvements in this test over the 9800 XT.”

Here are some more reviews from around the web:

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