Gainward made my first aftermarket video card. I remember well the elation of getting it for about 30% under standard street price, yet it was a while before I found out about overclocking. When I finally became brave enough to try it, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it boost my 3DMark scores higher than systems that cost twice as much at the time, but I was getting higher clock speeds than I was told to expect as a maximum for the card! Needless to say, I was quite satisfied. Those days are far behind me now, but I see Gainward is still in the business of producing VGA cards for the enthusiast 🙂
Quote: “What made these cards a gem is that they still had under their belt a stonkingly strong GPU core. To make this even better the FX5900XT shares the same core as the FX5900 enabling you to BIOS flash it to the more expensive card, creating a FX5900 with slower memory.”

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