T-Break has a review of another Nforce3 250 GB, the Gigabyte K8NSNXP.  Interesting how different vendors are configuring their boards.  For example, looks like this 250 GB is not using the Integrated Gigabit functionality.  Appears that they have decided to use it on the PCI bus to simplify the production of their various models of Nforce3.  Not as though you are likely to be able to use Gigabit much anyway, but still…
Quote: “What made us wonder was why Gigabyte chose the lower-end version of thenF3chipset and not the 250Gb which already incorporates some of thefeaturesfor which Gigabyte has used additional controllers. For instance, theK8NSNXP provides you with a dual LAN option and Gigabyte uses anexternalcontroller for the Gigabit LAN while using the on-chip 10/100. ThenForce3-250Gb provides Gigabit connectivity through the chipseteliminatingthe need for an external Gigabit controller on the PCI bus that caneasilysaturate the throughput of the PCI bus.”

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