Welcome to the Inside Perspective! Two years and two days. That’s how long I’ve been doing the B&P. I swear it feels like yesterday when Ron sat me down and showed me how to post news for the first time. LOL

When Ron turned the B&P over to me, he told me to try and get about 12 links before posting so that we don’t just post a few links here and there, but can offer up a good sized list for y’all to enjoy. There were days when a B&P didn’t get posted because I hadn’t found those 12 links to share.

He also gave me a list of favorites pointing to news and review sources he used — a list of about 100 links. I was in hog heaven. I had visions of visiting every one of those 100 sites every day and seeing what was new in the hardware world and bringing it to you.

A year went by. We were really growing.

Struggling to find 12 links in a day became struggling to find the time to get 25 or 30 links posted each day. And that list of 100 links? That grew into a series of Favorites folders, one for each letter of the alphabet!

Now, two years later, the B&P is divided into categories, and some of those categories are now big enough to stand on their own! Now, I have to limit how big the B&P is because I’ve got so many links to choose from I can’t possibly create lists that long! And news & review links? 568 at last count!

We’ve sure come a long way in a short time. I’m just thrilled to be a part of this great site and this wonderful community. Thanks for making this place and this job so enjoyable!

Link of the Day: How about a flashback to our roots? Check out this archived page from August 7, 2000 at Athlonmb.com!

Missed the last edition of the Inside Perspective? For shame! 😉