Welcome to the Inside Perspective! You get another special treat today! Mjollner, one of our newer Moderators, shared an e-mail with us that his father had sent to a Pressure Cooker manufacturer. It was so funny, I just had to get permission to share it with y’all. Enjoy!

From: “Dad”
Subject: Brand “X” Pressure Cooker

Dear El Senior/Senior Rita

I hava Brand “X” Multirapid Plus pressario cooker – boughto in Malaysia a few years ago. Numeruso 12-1999-918010831

The Instrucciones Manual only had Espanol, Deutsch and Portugues – but I only speakada English – not Espanol or other foreign dialects.

I have bin to Espanol and know a few bits of the lingo – Real Madrid, Fake Madrid, Valencia, Don Quixote, el toro, Guardia Polis, etc. and can understand the generale principales. (I have bin using pressure cookers for over 3 decados)

Anyway – the hucienda where I boughto the Multirapid Plus is finito – or kaput (in Deutsch).

How can I get a replacemento sealing ringo? Mine is almosto U.S. (unserviceable) and does not maintain the correcto pressure.

Can you email me cost + postageo – or the current Asian Agento?

Gracias Senior/Rita (excuso the Spanglish)


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