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At work, one of my team’s daily duties is to go through the incoming mail and get checks ready for processing. Many of these checks come to us in business reply envelops that we provide as a service to our customers.

Today, I opened one such envelope and was left shaking my head in bafflement and disgust. Someone had used our business reply envelope, which of course we have to pay postage for, to send us a religious tract. Hello?!?!?!? This tract came on it’s own — no payment or other correspondence was included in the mailing.

Basically, someone who wanted to share their religious beliefs with my company decided the best way to do this was to steal our money (postage) to mail us their little tract. Is that stupid or what? “Let me share my views with you while I pick your pocket.” I still can’t get over the thoughtlessness of this gesture.

I mean, if they were trying to recruit members into their Thieves Guild, sure — nifty little trick there, huh? But to steal from someone so you can preach to them? What’s wrong with this picture?

[/vent mode]

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