As the words were coming out of my mouth this afternoon, I knew I was going to be in trouble. Some of us were talking about car problems in the office today and I just HAD to speak up and confirm someone’s comment that Dodges tend to break down.

Not only did I have to agree with her, but I also had to add in my own two cents worth and tell them that my ’93 Mustang was in the shop less than his ’98 Dodge Stratus was. The Stratus must have overheard me. 

I get out to the car, start it up, crank up the AC and feel nothing but hot air blowing out the vents. After a couple of minutes I look down and I have no power to the dashboard. The clock works, the turn signals work, the car is running fine, but the AC and the dash are both dead.

By this point, I’ve made it to the interstate and I’m plugging in my ear piece so I can call hubby and freak out on him. I call, I freak, he stresses, and finally tells me to get off the interstate, stop the car and see if I can restart it again; he’s hoping that will reset everything and all will be well.

Of course this doesn’t work. But it does give me a chance to check under the hood and made sure the cooling fan is still running — can’t tell what the engine temp is since the gauges aren’t working. The fan’s fine, so I tell Ron to call and make an appointment to take the car in tomorrow morning and that I’m just gonna head on home.

In 90°F+ weather, with close to 100% humidity, with no breeze, in Friday rush hour traffic. I was NOT happy.

An hour and a half later, when I’m about 10 minutes from home, I hit a small bump on the interstate due to some repaving their doing. I then hear a ding-ding-ding, the doors lock, and I look down to see the dash in perfect working order. So, I roll up the windows, crank the AC on and drive the last few miles of my commute in complete comfort. So as I said, I’m cursed! LOL

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