As you might have figured from the link I posted in my last Inside Perspective, I’m spending a bit of spare time shootin’ the breeze with some fellow book lovers. One of the things they do is highlight a book of the month that everyone can read “together” and comment on. So, in an effort to get in the spirit of things, I decided to tackle the book of the month (well actually in this particular case it’s months) for May and June.

The highlighted book this time around is War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Now, mind you, I knew it was big, but I had no idea just how big. Try 1386 pages!! No wonder they’re giving us two months to read it!

And of course, Ron just has to tease me, wondering what book I want to tackle next year, and other such nonsense. I can take that from him without too much effort since he doesn’t read much and therefore has an excuse for being so flippant about my endeavor.

But when a new friend and fellow book lover asked me if I’d finished it yet, had he been in Georgia at that moment, he would have gotten decked! In my first sitting I got through a whole eight pages — what a dent, huh? And is this friend of mine, who just “had” to tease me, tackling War and Peace himself? Of course not! LOL

I will finish this though, I swear I will. I might even begin to enjoy it eventually, but right now, that’s not the issue. Now I’m on a mission!

Link of the Day: Another new friend, VTchEwbacca, found this Creatures in my head website, and I liked it so much I just HAD to share it with y’all!

Missed the last edition of the Inside Perspective? For shame! 😉