The guys over at Hexus have somehow managed to take some exclusive photos of the dual-processor SFF from Iwill which has received so much attention as of late. Regardless of how the system fares in the marketplace, it is certainly exciting to see a vendor take a chance on a wild product like this.
“Firstly, a little information on the custom form-factor ZMAX-DP motherboard. You’ll clearly be able to see the pair of S940 sockets inline for cooling with a single cooling unit, the nForce3 250 Pro bridge, two DDR DIMM slots and the server-style ATX power connectors. What’s not obvious is the built in WiFi hardware and the VIA VT6306 Fire II PCI FireWire400 controller, a 4-port implementation of both PHY and link interface, for the unit’s FireWire and WiFi capabilities. The cute little fin on top of the existing press shots is the WiFi antenna.”