With the Nforce3 GB, Nvidia has finally caught up with Via and integrated RAID support into the Southbridge chip. The remaining question is whether or not the Nvidia performance will be up to the standard set by Via. Ace’s attempts to answer this question and more in this K8T800 vrs. Nforce3 GB shootout. Good news or bad? You be the judge 🙂
Quote: “In the case of the Athlon 64, it is almost useless to compare the performance of motherboards with the traditional benchmarks: the memory controller is integrated in the CPU and the performance differences are within the error margins of the benchmarks…That is why the focus in this review is on the following: * UDP (LAN Gaming) and TCP (HTTP/FTP server) performance of the Gigabit NIC * Harddisk I/O RAID performance * AGP performance”

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