I am not too sure what a Pentium 4 heatsink is, how it differs from an Athlon64 heatsink, or why it is becoming standard to see thermal solutions being branded to a specific chipmaker.  I never want to get a Windows error that reads “Incompatible Heatsink detected, please contact your system administrator.  The system will now shut down.

Here’s a 3 way shoot out, and some other reviews from ’round the net.

“Not too long ago when the Pentium 4 was released it was suffice to say that most overclockers agreed that it wasn’t the hottest running processor. Well times have changed, and with three FSB changes and numerous stepping changes the Pentium 4 is now a hot running processor. This is especially the case with the newer Prescott cores, which so far is Intel’s newest processor offering. one of the newest fads, as far as air-cooling is concerned, is to cool your processor using a heatpipe method. Today, at ClubOC we have a veteran in the ring along with two newer designs that we are sure will do the overclocking job rather nicely.”

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