The future of AMD Processors revolving around the upcoming 939-pin versions of the Athlon64 will undoubtedly raise the bar in performance for AMD.  Give it a little bit more time before we start to see just how far the bar is raised, with its pending release.  This insight to the latest chipsets for the current and soon to be released versions of AMD processors, is what Anandtech’s review is all about.
While all the boards in today’s test are Socket 754, please keep in mind that both nF3-250 and K8T800 Pro were really developed for next month’s Socket 939 introduction. Socket 939 specifies 1000 HyperTransport speed and this is why you are seeing that feature on many of these new boards. The features and performance that you will see in this roundup should give you a better idea of what to expect in upcoming Socket 939 motherboards. Socket 939 adds Dual-Channel memory capabilities to the mainstream Athlon 64 and it will allow the FX flavors of Athlon 64 to work with the much more common unbuffered DDR memory instead of the current Registered DDR. Other than the new memory capabilities, which are really on the Athlon 64 chip as an integrated memory controller, Socket 939 will be basically the same as you will see in these new generation Socket 754 motherboards.