Chances are in recent years you have encountered the mentality that the OEM brand doesn’t matter, and that the GPU the card is outfitted with is all that matters. While in sectors such as storage brands suddenly become quite important based on their reliability records, for the most part this is a non-issue with video cards these days. Really, how much difference can there be? That’s what bit-tech aims to find out in their GeForce FX 5900XT Shootout.
Quote: “This has been the closest encounter I’ve had to a dead heat so far, and picking the winner is a tough task. You can’t fault either card for raw power, the MSI offers great performance, while the Gainward offers fantastic performance in the price bracket that we’re looking at here. On the other hand, the Gainward has all that is necessary to get the card running, but doesn’t offer much more than that in terms of the bundle, the MSI offers all that is required to get the card running, and then heaps on top of that too – for a bundle, this is as good as it gets…”

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