Surprisingly, there seems to be very few previews of this chipset on the web.  Even today, the day after it was released publicly.  I’m not sure why that is.  I don’t recall a time that a new chipset release was so quiet as such as this one.  I think the one thing that may be holding things back is the fact this new chipset adds a lot of new features, but not the giant performance gains the market and enthusiasts want.  [H]ard|OCP has posted about some of the impending prowess of the overclocking abilities of this new chipset.  But I think many folks are waiting for where the new chipset will really shine, the 939 pin processors.  The first review posted on the 939 processor sitting atop a retail board with this new chipset, will be a big hit and certainly far more than yesterday’s seemingly quiet release of the chipset itself.  Time will tell what VIA will do with this chipset, but as Ryan stated in PC Perspective’s review of this chipset, bigger changes from VIA will come later this year with the K8T890 chipset.  For which I, along with all of you readers, can only wait for.
“The conclusion to this really is the performance is it not? For the few benchmarks we are going to show, we thought it would be best to focus on what exactly OCing the FSB to higher levels would deliver. We ran a AMD64 FX-53 at a stock 12*200=2.4GHz clock then went back and ran the same benchmarks at a nearly matched 9.5*255=2.42GHz clock. So for these what you are seeing are gains netted from simply scaling the FSB and not much else.”

Here are a couple more reviews from around the web:

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