A Closer Look – Reservoir, Radiator and Fans

Asetek reservoir


The WaterChill reservoir is a clear Plexiglas cylinder that holds approximately 65 ml of liquid.  Two push-on style fittings provide attachment points for ½’ OD tubing.  A small thumbscrew cap allows venting air or the entire cap can be easily removed to add liquid.

WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Water-Cooling System - Cases and Cooling 39

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The reservoir is typically connected to the pump’s suction fitting with a short piece of tubing and a custom mounting bracket supports the reservoir when attached to the pump.


Using a reservoir makes filling the system and bleeding air bubbles quite easy. 



Black Ice Pro radiator


Another nice feature of the WaterChill Power Kit is the included Black Ice Pro radiator.  This is a two-pass radiator specifically developed for PC water-cooling applications.  The Black Ice Pro uses a copper core with copper fins for enhanced heat dissipation and supports two 120mm fans.


WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Water-Cooling System - Cases and Cooling 40

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The Black Ice Pro radiator measures 133 x 277 x 25 mm (5.9 x 9.79 x 0.98′).  While good for heat dissipation and performance, the size will limit installation options in many standard PC cases.  For this particular WaterChill kit, which includes three waterblocks, I wish Asetek would have included the Black Ice Extreme II, which is almost twice as thick for even greater heat dissipation with less flow resistance… 🙂


WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Water-Cooling System - Cases and Cooling 41

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Asetek has added ½’ OD push-on fittings to the radiator in keeping with the rest of the system components.



Papst 120mm fans


Two Papst 120mm x 25 mm fans are included with the WaterChill kit.  Papst is well known for making some of the best cooling fans available with excellent air flow and minimal noise. 


  • Type 4412 FGMLD
  • 12 VDC nominal (7~12.6 VDC)
  • 160 mA, 2 watts
  • 1,800 RPM
  • 26 m3/hr (15.3 CFM)
  • 80,000 hrs durability
  • No RPM output

 WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Water-Cooling System - Cases and Cooling 42

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The Papst fans come from Asetek wired together with one common connector that plugs into the Control Unit.  As mentioned before, the Control Unit can be set to supply either 12V or 7V to the fans allowing the end user some choice when balancing performance and noise.



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