Abit Factory Tour

Following the day of tournament, Abit stuck the media on a two hour bus ride out into the country of China to visit their manufacturing plant.  Abit wanted to show off their plant as well as their new Quality Assurance program they are dubbing ‘Bulletproof’.

Abit's ACON4 and Factory Tour - Shows and Expos 47

Before we went into the factory, we first were given a brief overview of the facility and what we were about to see. 

Abit's ACON4 and Factory Tour - Shows and Expos 48

Here we see Scott Thirlwell, PR director for Abit going over their ‘Bulletproof Technology’ that Abit focuses on.  It centers on engineering, stability, reliability and quality for their products.

Abit's ACON4 and Factory Tour - Shows and Expos 49

This slide shows a quick overview of all the machines and equipment that Abit and their subsidiary Rolly Technologies have for motherboard and graphics card production.  While most of us won’t really know what each of these devise does, we’ll touch on that as I show you images from the tour itself.

Abit's ACON4 and Factory Tour - Shows and Expos 50

This final slide shows you the six main parts of the Abit QA (quality assurance) program.  The Compatibility Test tests the Abit products with other manufacturer’s parts and guidelines such as ATX and AGP specifications.  The Burn-In Test puts their product to work after production for extended periods of time; up to 168-hours in some cases before being shipped.  The Environmental Test actually puts Abit motherboards under extreme heat and cold tests to make sure they can function in wide arrays of uses.  The On-Going Reliability test is Abit testing their products for use with future processor releases and more.  The Vibration and Dropping test are in fact used before shipping the product to make sure the packing and quality of the motherboards are able to handle the stresses of shipping it all the way to your door.

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