Cooling – Mobile and K9

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Besides the new case offering, Asus has a rather LARGE fan as well in development

Asus has a new cooling technology for motherboards, that they are calling “Stack Cool”.  Basically, instead of having a heatsink and fan on the northbridge, Asus claims they can use only a heatsink, if they include this heat spreader on the bottom of the board.  It connects with the traces on the MOSFETs and Capacitors to take some of the heat from them and the north bridge.

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Relatively thin soltuion as well

Foxxcon, one of the largest companies in the Taiwan computer industry (they make everything from the PCI slots on your board to the SATA cables with your motherboard) was showing some interesting cooling items.  The first one was a cooling solution for the mobile Dothan compared to one for the mobile Prescott.

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Dothan cooling

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Prescott cooling, quite the difference here.

Finally, the biggest surprise for me was to see the first K9 cooling solution.  This heatsink was massive indicating either a dual core processor or one that is generate a LOT of heat.

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This year’s show had a lot more going on than the past year.  Companies had all the time they needed to prepare for this show, as it wasn’t delayed over and over dues to a disease scare. 

By far the most dominant showings were in PCI Express.  The industry leaders know that PCIe is the future of I/O, even if they disagree on how it should be implemented and pushed initially.  Nearly all the motherboards and graphics cards we saw were getting ready for this PCI Express transition.  And it won’t be long until you get see how this transition is going to take place and how performance is going to be changed by it.

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