AMD Motherboards – Asrock Combo Board

This board got enough attention at the show, that I thought it might deserve its own page on our coverage as well. 

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 81

That’s right, you are looking at a combination motherboard with BOTH a 754-pin and 939-pin socket.  Now, this motherboard doesn’t allow you to use both processors at the same time, as each only has a single HyperTransport connection and thus couldn’t connect in a dual-processor mode anyway.  The two memory slots at the top of the board are for the 939 pin processor, and run in dual channel: one channel per DIMM.  The slots on the right side are for the socket 754 processor, where they are both on the same channel. 

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 82

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 83

Running in 754-pin mode

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 84

Running in 939-pin mode

The board, I was impressed to hear, was still made on a 4-layer PCB but the required costs of the extra sockets for the processors and memory, as well as the addition of traces from both processor sockets to the chipset, are going to increase the cost of the board a bit.

Both Asrock and Sis promised us we would be seeing this board very soon.

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