Mobile Technology

I didn’t run across too much on the floor this year on the mobile front, but that may have been because I was rushed going around the show most of the time. 

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 81

This is Chaintech’s version of a “desknote” — a mobile computer without an internal battery.  The market for these is mainly in the Asian market, as we have seen ECS’ design of one do poorly here in the US.

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 82

At the NVIDIA booth, we saw these MXM modules — the proposed solution from NVIDIA for upgradeable graphics.  While at first the industry thought we may be on the way to a standard, this was quickly rebuttled by ATI offering their own “standard.”  Sigh.

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 83

This is Asus’ latest offering on the mobile front, a Centrino based solution that is as much a multimedia machine as computing machine.  Notice the “TV 052” in red on the front and the cable plugged directly into the notebook on the left.  This machine has a built in TV tuner and remote control so it can be used on the road for television, movie viewing and more.

Computex 2004 Summary - Shows and Expos 84

On the opposite front is the S300 series of notebooks from Asus — Centrino gone tiny.  These are the notebooks that I will be looking into as I am tired of carrying around 8 lbs notebooks to these darn shows!

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