Intel today releases the embargo on their new processor package, two new chipsets and of course, DDR2 and PCI Express.

Today Intel has dropped a bomb on you.  Today you will see the addition of over half a dozen new technologies, several of which are dramatic changes.  Whether or not these changes mean squat to you is a different story.  Intel hopes they do.  We are here to help you decide that.

Intel 925X and Socket 775 Platform: PCIe and DDR2 - Processors 82

Today is really the announcement of the new Alderwood and Grantsdale chipsets now known as 925 and 915.  With it comes the addition of DDR2 memory, PCI Express graphics and system bus, a new Intel processor socket, a new SATA RAID technology, a new integrated graphics core, a new on-board audio solution, and a bit more.  We have a lot of information for you all to read, including detailed looks at the performance of DDR2 and PCIe graphics, as well as an increased amount of system benchmarks for you to see if Intel is bringing it to AMD in this release.


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