Looks like the BIOS is on it’s last legs, and a replacement is in the works.   Added bonus, can you spot the non-sequiter in the quote.

More than 20 years old, the BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) is the oldest software technology in PC platforms. It operates in the “pre-boot environment,” which is the first few seconds after a PC is turned on, and before the operating system loads.

Intel’s firmware Foundation code, a result of the project codenamed, “Tiano,” provides that the successor to the BIOS will be based on up-to-date software technology. It is designed to be extended with new features and services, such as improved platform manageability, serviceability and administrative interfaces which are too complex to implement in the old BIOS environment.

“Microsoft is continuing its commitment to open industry standards by adding EFI boot support to all versions of the Longhorn generation of Windows products,” said Tony Pierce, Technical Evangelist, Windows Hardware Innovation Group at Microsoft. “Participation in the collaborative community effort around the Foundation code that Intel is announcing today will help systems manufacturers and firmware companies deliver new and exciting platform innovations to their customers.”