Lian-Li has produced a masterpiece in their PC-V1000 aluminum case that stands head and shoulders above anything the competition has to offer. But, like all cases it isn’t perfect, while it does come close.

While the three interior compartments do a great job of controlling and dissipating  heat in their respective area’s, through the use of the passive air vents and 120 mm fans, I can’t help but worry that the passive air vents will allow an inordinate amount of dust into the case, but only time will tell. If it does happen, it can be easily fixed by going out and getting some AC filtering material.

Another area worth mentioning is drive and power supply cabling; the design of the V1000 is such that it requires pretty long power lines to reach all your devices. It’s no big deal with modern high powered power supplies, but it could be a problem with older units with short lines. IDE hard drive data cables could also be a problem and need to be quite long 24-28′ for most motherboards, where as SATA data cables need at least 30′ as most SATA motherboard connectors will now be located at the top of the motherboard, but these are readily available.

After reviewing over 100 cases and just about every aluminum case of note, it’s this reviewer’s personal opinion, that the Lian-Li PC-V1000 as modified by  is now KING of the HILL when it comes to computer enclosures.

Why not visit Hank and his crew and pick one up for yourself and while you’re there, take a look at all the great products and services (like, modularization and meshing of cables) they have to offer, you’ll be glad you did!!

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